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Magic Cushion® Xtreme 9 lbs.
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Magic Cushion® Xtreme 9 lbs.

Magic Cushion® Xtreme 9 lbs.

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A unique medicated hoof packing, this anti-inflammatory and analgesic hoof packing is used for the reduction on concussion, pain and trauma within the hoof capsule of the equine athlete. This scientifically proven hoof packing can be used daily after workouts or under a protective pad to reduce pain and inflammation within the anatomical structures of the hoof. The reduction in pain and inflammation will then promote hoof growth. 20% more active ingredients than regular Magic Cushion® so it works faster. No positive testing. Scientifically proven, it is able to provide relief for the following disorders: Laminitis, White Line Disease, Pedal Osteitis, Abscesses, Navicular Syndrome, Bruising, Corns and Canker.

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