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5/A Baker® Hi-Neck Turnout Sheet
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5/A Baker® Hi-Neck Turnout Sheet

5/A Baker® Hi-Neck Turnout Sheet

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5/A Baker® Hi-Neck Turnout Sheet provides all the great features of the 5/A Baker® Turnout Sheet, but with the addition of extra protection against the elements and winter drafts.

Made to the same design specifications as the popular Turnout Blankets, but with insulation layer omitted, the 5/A Baker® Turnout's Hi-Neck Sheet is intended for milder climates, or more moderate temperatures.

Its' features include gusseted shoulders, bias surcingles, elastic leg straps and a tailpiece. The outer shell is a 1,500-denier polyester rip stop fabric that can take an incredible amount of abuse while the satin smooth lining polishes the horse's coat. A waterproof/breathable membrane bars water penetration yet allows water vapor from perspiration to pass through to the outside.

5/A Baker® Hi-Neck Turnout Sheet offers tremendous versatility in cool or rainy weather.