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Adeptus® Nimble® Mega Nutrient 3.75 lbs.
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Adeptus® Nimble® Mega Nutrient 3.75 lbs.

Adeptus® Nimble® Mega Nutrient 3.75 lbs.

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Balancing the diet is crucial for growth in young horses as well as maintenance for longevity and soundness in mature horses. Since U.S. forages are low in key trace minerals, it is essential to consume those nutrients from supplements and/or fortified grains. Since most horses do not consume the recommended amounts of fortified grains, it is, therefore, necessary to fortify their diets with a concentrated supplement. Nimble® Mega balances the ration as well as covering several other supplemental needs.

The joint and tendon/ligament support in the Nimble® Mega is unsurpassed in the industry. It not only contains potent levels of glucosamine, it provides a low molecular weight HA and chondroitin too. The hydrolyzed collagen is a very effective tool for nourishing soft tissues with amino acids containing sulfur.

Organic minerals, amino acids and of course biotin help maintain healthy hooves. Vitamin E and organic selenium aid as muscle antioxidants for working horses.

The base ingredients flax meal and yeast cultures provide both omega-3 fatty acid for coat and prebiotic nutrients for hindgut digestive enhancement.

Nimble® Mega is an excellent choice for easy keepers that do not need calories from fortified grain. Nimble® Mega fully fortifies the diet! Revolutionary, therapeutic seven supplements in one with no alfalfa or excessive sugar. Scientifically proven, digestible ingredients with multiple patents. Made with U.S. Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients.

DOSAGE: 3.75 lb. buckets (30 day supply at 2 oz. serving)