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Azoturion® Equine Tying Up Supplement 32 oz.
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Azoturion® Equine Tying Up Supplement 32 oz.

Azoturion® Equine Tying Up Supplement 32 oz.

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For horses with high SGOT and/or tying-up problems. Azoturion® is a potent liquid solution of nutrients and herbs designed to reduce lactic acid, lower SGOT and alleviate tying-up (azoturia) in horses. This product works best when used in conjunction with Mega-Sel® or Mega-Flx®.

Features and Benefits
• Contains premium ingredients for better results.
• Formulated to help reduce lactic acid build up, alleviate tying up syndrome and help reduce muscle damage.
• Fast and effective – proven results in reducing SGOT have been seen. Maintaining SGOT in recommended blood analytical range helps the horse reach and maintain maximum ability.

Function Facts™
Muscle Relax - Magnesium, Licorice
Stress Relief - DMG
Antioxidant - Vitamin E
Diuretic - Dandelion
Detoxification - Garlic
Lactic Acid Reduction - DMG
Antispasmodic - Lemon Balm
Anti-inflammatory - Garlic, Licorice

Shake well before use.
Loading Period: Administer 3 oz. (90 ml) daily by mouth for the first five (5) days.
Maintenance: Administer 2 oz. (60 ml) daily by mouth.

Expect Results: Within 14 days.