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Best Fit® Muzzle
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  • Best Fit® Muzzle
  • Best Fit® Muzzle
Best Fit® Muzzle

Best Fit® Muzzle

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Totally adjustable “hook and loop” strap design is simple to use and comfortable for the dog when temporary muzzling is necessary.

1. Place muzzle over dog's nose. Be sure it is a comfortable fit.
2. Bring straps behind dog's head and ears. Fasten the buckle.
3. Pull the end of the strap to adjust and secure the fit. Do not over tighten.

After the muzzle has been adjusted for proper fit, simply use the quick release buckle to remove or put the muzzle on again.

Best Fit® Muzzles are designed for temporary restraint only. Prolonged use or improperly fitted muzzles can affect a dog's natural ability to cool itself through panting.
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