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Best Friend® Deluxe Grazing Muzzle
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Best Friend® Deluxe Grazing Muzzle

Best Friend® Deluxe Grazing Muzzle

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Best Friend® Deluxe Muzzle is a combination grazing muzzle and breakaway halter. Utilizes a side release buckle as its' breakaway feature. Comes with a spare buckle that can be easily attached in the field. Available in black only.

NOTE: Can be attached to item #1945 Best Friend® Muzzle Buffer.

Sizing Info

-Fits larger miniatures, Shetlands and weanlings. 200-300 lbs.
-Measures 20" circumference x 4-1/2" depth.

-Fits most average size ponies, yearlings and very small faced horses. 300-500 lbs, 12 hands and under.
-Measures 23" circumference x 5-1/2" depth.

-Fits large ponies, small horses such as Morgan's and horses with small faces such as Arabians. 500-800 lbs. 13-14 hands.
-Measures 24" circumference x 7" depth.

-Fits average size horses such as quarter horses. 800-1100 lbs. 15-16 hands.
-Measures 26" circumference x 7-1/2" depth.

-Fits Warmbloods and large faced horses. 1100-1600 lbs. 15-16 hands.
-Measures 28" circumference x 8" depth.

-Fits very large breeds such as Percherons, Belgians, etc.
-Measures 31" circumference x 8" depth.
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