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Carefree Enzymes Sarcoid Salve 2.5 oz.
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Carefree Enzymes Sarcoid Salve 2.5 oz.

Carefree Enzymes Sarcoid Salve 2.5 oz.

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A non-toxic, all natural herbal relief for Bovine Papilloma Virus. Will not burn. Heals hot spots and eliminates tumors at their source. Pulls the virus from the bloodstream. Recommended as a pre and post-surgical emollient. Use as a preventative measure so that a sarcoid tumor will not reappear. Apply daily.

Sarcoids: the veterinarians challenge. Once corrective measures are taken, the virus may travel to other points and come back more aggressively. Sarcoid Cleansing Salve is the safe way to establish an aggressive, painless and effective treatment of this ever-increasing problem. This salve is specifically designed to help clean the underlying cause of the condition through topical application. Natural compounds are blended to perfection to treat this condition. It also helps to eliminate re-occurrence at the sight or eruption at competing sights elsewhere on the body.

-Will not burn.
-Safe on and around eyelids, face and genitals.
-Soothes hot spots.
-Pre and post-operative emollient.
-Enhances healing.
-Reduces scaring, allowing for hair re-growth.
-Reduces re-occurrence.


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