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Click Hock Shields®
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Click Hock Shields®

Click Hock Shields®

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Click Hock Shields® low profile design offers full coverage in the area where horses develop sores. The soft, flexible pocket in the center back of the Hock Shield® provides comfort in the delicate area where the tendons pass just under the skin. This is the perfect solution for the majority of horses with hock sores.

Because some products can burn skin when wrapped, please consult veterinarian when using medications under the Shields. Not to be used on horses in turn-out or on pasture. It is not advisable to restrict the leg when your horse is in a full gallop. Some horses may grow white hairs on back of leg where top band rubs. If your horse has neoprene sensitivity, do not use these products.

Sizing Info

How to determine the correct size:
-Measure the smallest point just above the hock joint.
-Make sure the leg is straight and the hoof is flat on the ground.

-13” up to 15.9″= Regular Horse
-16” up to 20″= XL/Draft
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