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Connoisseurs® Silver Wipes™
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Connoisseurs® Silver Wipes™

Connoisseurs® Silver Wipes™

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Connoisseurs® Silver Wipes™ are the no-fuss, no-muss way to give silver a lustrous shine in no time flat. Silver Wipes™ remove tarnish and polish silver quickly and easily. Leaves an anti-tarnish shield on the silver. Leaves none of the mess of traditional creams, pastes and spray products. Each package contains (10) 6" x 7" wipes. Non-toxic and non-abrasive. Good for sterling and silver plate.

How to Use

How to Use:
1. Wet silver piece to be cleaned.
2. Rub silver with the wipe and see how quickly it removes stubborn tarnish.
3. Rinse silver and discard wipe.
4. Dry silver with a lint free cloth.