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Curvon Peerless Wool Quarter Sheet
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Curvon Peerless Wool Quarter Sheet

Curvon Peerless Wool Quarter Sheet

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Curvon Peerless Wool Quarter Sheet is the stylish and practical way of keeping a horse's vital kidney area warm during cold weather riding.

This Peerless wool is 80% Wool/20% Nylon, woven material. It is the most popular wool-blend cooler sold in this country. Blending the wool with acrylic fibers does two very important things. First, it makes for a much stronger cooler than the identical all-wool product would be. Secondly, the acrylic fibers help to minimize shrinkage in the cooler. Woven to last for years.

The fit has been improved by adding a contoured rump and macrame tailcord. Also, the area underneath the front of the saddle has been reinforced with Baker® Blanket fabric to prevent any possibility of premature wear.

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Machine wash on gentle cycle with cold water using cold water detergent. Line Dry. Do not machine dry. Do not dry clean.

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