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Formula 707 LifeCare™ Restore 20 lb.
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Formula 707 LifeCare™ Restore 20 lb.

Formula 707 LifeCare™ Restore 20 lb.

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Human athletes have come to understand the importance of replacing electrolytes to restore minerals lost in a vigorous workout. Because the same is true for equine athletes, we designed each 1½ oz. of Formula 707 LifeCare™ Restore Electrolytes to replace the sodium, chloride, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium lost in a liter of sweat. Since many horses won’t drink water with electrolytes, LifeCare™ Restore is a top-dressing for feed with a highly palatable yeast culture as its' carrier. Add one scoop to feed after a mild workout or event, two or more following a hard workout or event.

Formula 707