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GEL-EZE™ Gelee Fish Rear Riser Pad
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GEL-EZE™ Gelee Fish Rear Riser Pad

GEL-EZE™ Gelee Fish Rear Riser Pad

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GEL-EZE™ Gelee Fish Rear Riser Pads are non toxic, washable, reusable and environmentally friendly. Lightweight, discreet with superb impact absorption, these pads prevent saddle slipping, reduce back injuries and help to reduce pressure points. Comes with comfort cushions only in the back to help reduce impact on the shoulders and withers. The cushion is positioned over the main weight bearing area and help distribute the riders impact evenly and softly over the back. Ideal for all disciplines, especially jumping. Can be placed directly on the horse’s back. Available in black only is size 22” x 8”.

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