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Mega-Calm® Event Equine 80cc Syringe
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Mega-Calm® Event Equine 80cc Syringe

Mega-Calm® Event Equine 80cc Syringe

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Mega-Calm® Event is a unique proprietary formula consisting of Mega-Calm® powder in a paste form coupled with the added benefit of Stress Guard™, a blend of key ingredients to support stress relief on the day of the event. One ingredient in Stress Guard™ is Cortabate, a proprietary branded ingredient backed by 10 clinical trials, including confirmation of its ability to reduce the stress hormone cortisol. Horse owners and trainers use the convenient multi-serving syringe while traveling or days that high stress is anticipated.

Function Facts™
-Calming - L-Tryptophan, Vitamin E, Thiamine (B1)
-Muscle Relax - Magnesium
-Fatigue Recovery - Thiamine (B1)
-Cortisol Reduction, Focus, Pain Reduction, Joint Support, Cardiovascular health, Enhanced energy and ATP - Cortabate
-Stress Relief - Cortabate, Magnesium

1,000 lb horse weight - Feed 40cc (1/2 syringe) 2 hours prior to the event. 500 lb horse weight - feed 20cc 2 hours prior to the event.

Expect Results:
Within 1 to 2 hours.