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Natural Release™ Muscle Wash 8 oz.
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Natural Release™ Muscle Wash 8 oz.

Natural Release™ Muscle Wash 8 oz.

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Natural Release™ Muscle Wash is not another menthol-based product. You will not smell like a gym. It is all natural and unique. It is water-based, not oily. This does not generate heat and can be used under saddle and wraps - and under therapeutic blankets. Used for muscle soreness and cramps, tendon strain, joint aches, swelling due to muscle stress. Helps relieve back/shoulder/hip/knee aches.

NOTE: Be sure to use enough. The spray must get to the skin. Spray on the coat and rub in. Spray a bit more and do one more rub. Wash your hands. You can use anywhere on the horse, but do not allow it to get in the eyes.

How to Use

Two primary equine uses:

1. Use when there is obvious muscle strain or injury.
Spray a few times a day to release the muscle tension around the injury. Natural Release also decreases the inflammation that occurs around all soft tissue injuries. This allows the animal to began moving more naturally, which signals the body that it is time to switch from defense to offense, improving the recovery period.

2. Use under saddle.
Before you ride - Spray poll, top line and sacrum (and any area showing signs of muscle stress / fatigue) ). This settles the muscles and gives the best possible stride and flexibility/range of motion. This is especially helpful for athlete horses (Jumpers, barrel racers, reiners, ropers, dressage, etc., who need full strides and/or instant sharp cornering. Most riders report that they can feel the difference under saddle, and many trainers can actually visually see the difference. Of course trail horses will have a happier day as well. -- You can also spray the legs after a hard workout - or after trailering - to reduce muscle fatigue and tension.
2.5 - Use during body work.
Spray on tense areas and leave for 5-10 minutes. Upon your return you will notice a decided difference in the muscle tension, which makes your job of getting through those outside layers much easier.
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