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Nose-It!® Flex Plus 4"
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  • Nose-It!® Flex Plus 4"
  • Nose-It!® Flex Plus 4"
  • Nose-It!® Flex Plus 4"
Nose-It!® Flex Plus 4"

Nose-It!® Flex Plus 4"

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Nose-It!® K-9 Pet Flex Plus is more flexible and is fantastic for small breed dogs, puppies, older dogs and dogs that are teething. A must have for owners, breeders, handlers, trainers, resort spas, day care facilities, and kennels.

Keeps your pet engaged, moving and entertained for hours on end! Intuitive One-Roll-At-A-Time™ design keeps your pet in control and channels their energy away from bad behavior. Giving your pet control and a reward creates a special bond between your pet and their ball! No more gulping of food by your pet, reducing the risks of bloating! Each ball holds up to 2 cups of food!

The balls are a patented 12-sided ball made of FDA food safe material and by virtue of its design allows the animal to control its movement. This intuitive design encourages interaction and provides hours of enjoyment. Also, it is phthalate free and dishwasher safe.

Fill with your pets' favorite dry food or treat. Holds up to 2 cups. Provides hours of anxiety free enjoyment. Unique intuitive design engages your pet for hours on end. Helps prevent the development of destructive habits.