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Ogilvie Water Heater
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Ogilvie Water Heater

Ogilvie Water Heater

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This bucket heater is constructed so that it can be placed upright in a bucket type vessel. The copper tubes house the heating element. Quick heating 1300 watts, 115 volts. Do not attempt to operate this unit except when immersed in water. This unit is not designed to keep water from freezing.

Helpful Hints:
-If the heating element (the copper spiral part of the heater) has a mineral buildup, soak it in vinegar. The heater will last longer and work more efficiently.
-When cooking oats, be sure to have enough water in the container so the element is still covered as the oats take up, and absorb the water. Otherwise the heater will overheat and fail.

-To receive one year warranty, the blue slip needs returned to Ogilvie within one week from date of purchase. This is not effective unless the card is in their files.
-The warranty does NOT cover cord or plugs, nor is it valid if the heater has been misused, abused or tampered with, or if the heater has been used out of water.
-If repairs are necessary because of no fault of the appliance (corroded element due to lime, iron or other chemicals in the water, etc.) repairs will be made at actual cost and appliance returned with charges collect.