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Redmond™ Rock Crushed with Garlic 5 lb.
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Redmond™ Rock Crushed with Garlic 5 lb.

Redmond™ Rock Crushed with Garlic 5 lb.

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Redmond™ Rock Crushed with Garlic is a completely natural granular mineral sea salt. It contains a complete balance of over 60 trace minerals—plus combines the pest-repelling power of garlic. It's also naturally rich in selenium and supports good gut health.

Bites and stings are bothersome to your horse and can turn into painful sores. Redmond™ Rock Crushed with Garlic keeps your horse comfortable by naturally repelling pesky insects.

6 Benefits of Redmond™ Rock Crushed with Garlic:
-Repels Flies, Lice and Ticks
-Garlic formula keeps your horse comfortable and protects skin by naturally repelling biting insects.
-Natural Selenium
-Rich in selenium to deliver antioxidant defense and support healthy immune and thyroid function.
-Improves Respiratory Function
-Garlic aids the respiratory system and naturally helps treat and prevent lung diseases and infections.
-Complete Minerals
-Sea salt is packed with a complete balance of 63 trace minerals for superior health and performance.

How to Use

Feeding Instructions:

Feed Redmond™ Rock Crushed with garlic daily to encourage hydration, deliver necessary minerals and electrolytes, and naturally repel flies, mosquitoes, ticks, and other biting insects.

Small Horse (300-600lbs) – ½ - 1 scoops

Med Horse (600-1200 lbs) – 2 Scoops

Large Draft Horse (1300 -2000 lbs) – 3 Scoop
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