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Runner's Relief™ Therapeutic Poultice 3.5 lb.
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Runner's Relief™ Therapeutic Poultice 3.5 lb.

Runner's Relief™ Therapeutic Poultice 3.5 lb.

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Runner's Relief™ Therapeutic Poultice is scientifically formulated to aid in the healing of bowed tendons, suspensory ligaments and soft tissue injuries. Its natural botanical formulations are derived from organic herbal extracts, which give vasodilation in all vessels and arteries, promoting accelerated healing with no side effects.

Important observations while using Runner's Relief™:
-Accelerated healing time, within 30-90 days.
-The fibers align straight, giving sufficient flexibility and range of motion.
-Vast vasodilation in all vessels and arteries.
-Safe, with no side effects.
-Used for people and for maintenance.


How to Use

For proper diagnosis have your veterinarian perform an ultrasound to determine the extent of the injury; follow up ultrasounds can then evaluate progress, recovery and money back guarantee.
-Ice is usually used for the first 48 hours after the injury.
-Start treating with Runner's Relief 48 hours after the time of injury (if injury is new, if old injury start treatment immediately)
-Usually 2 to 3 weeks stall rest is highly recommended.
-After 30-60 days of treatment with Runner's Relief have your veterinarian do another ultrasound to allow you to monitor healing. (recommended).
-Have the next ultrasound done 75-90 days after treatment with Runner's Relief. Depending on evaluation by your veterinarian, you may start exercising the horse. (Usually in a round pen) while continuing therapy with Runner's Relief.
-After ninety days (90) treatment with RR, have another ultrasound done. The tendon or ligament injury should be healed.

For any of these indications 7-21 days of treatments would be recommended as a minimum protocol. The maximum healing time have been ninety days.
-Bowed tendon: Low bow 4 weeks, medium bow 4-8 weeks, High bow 90 days.
-Suspensory and check ligament tear: 35-90 days treatment (new and old injuries)
-Hairline and splint fractures: 35-60 days
-Sprains, strains, muscles, soft tissue injuries, eczema, rashes: 7-21 days
-Hoof growth: 1 inch in 4-6 weeks treatment

Runner's Relief is used as a maintenance treatment after every exercise, racing or performing, resulting in a more healthy productive athletic condition. It is recommended to use 3-4 times a week as maintenance program.
-Can be used during training and after workouts.
-Before and after a performance or any heavy physical activities
-Post recovery of injury.
-It is recommended to keep using Runner's Relief for maintenance after every exercise. Using as maintenance it will accelerate collateral blood circulation, reduce pain, relax skeletal musculature and keep tendons, connective tissue, muscles and ligaments healthy by giving vasodilation in all vessels and arteries, and enhance range of motion by increasing the stretching capacity of collagen structures.
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