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Saddler's® Blanket Wash 16 oz.
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Saddler's® Blanket Wash 16 oz.

Saddler's® Blanket Wash 16 oz.

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Saddler's® unique, biodegradable and earth friendly Blanket Wash is ideal for blankets, saddle pads, pet beds, sleeping bags and any other washable items.


Directions: Fill machine with water. Add 1 tablespoon of Saddler’s Blanket Wash and add washable items. For heavily soiled items or extra large loads use a little more Saddler’s Blanket Wash. For stubborn stains, pretreat stains directly with Saddler’s Blanket Wash to improve cleaning.

Note: If Saddler’s® Blanket Wash freezes or thickens, dissolve 1 tablespoon of concentrate in one cup of hot water before using.
JM Saddler