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Shapley's™ Mane Mousse™ 14 oz.
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Shapley's™ Mane Mousse™ 14 oz.

Shapley's™ Mane Mousse™ 14 oz.

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Shapley's™ Mane Mousse™ is an essential, time saving braiding and banding aide. It provides optimum control and grip to easily and professionally braid or band hair. Mane Mousse™ keeps braids tight and neat. It controls hair and keeps stray hairs at a minimum even in humid or windy weather. It is an excellent product to use on long manes and tails to keep hair in place. It can also be used to train manes over.

How to Use

-Shake well and spray Mane Mousse™ foam into your hands, then wipe on horse’s mane and tail.

-Apply Mane Mousse™ to the section of the hair you are braiding. To keep from drying you may want to apply Mane Mousse section by section as you proceed.

-Can be used on a long or short mane to control hair and fly-aways for a polished, professional look. It can also be applied to the tail to control the hair and provide a professional appearance.

-Gives great texture and grip to hair to be braided. It will also control frizz, fly-aways or new growth so braids stay tight and neat.

-Mane Mousse™ will add volume when applied to tails and even to horse’s -leg feathers for the breeds that have them.

-If you apply to tail and then braid the tail all the way down for the night, the next day you will have beautiful waves in the tail when you take out the braid.