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Shapley's™ No. 1 Light Oil™ 32 oz.
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Shapley's™ No. 1 Light Oil™ 32 oz.

Shapley's™ No. 1 Light Oil™ 32 oz.

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Shapley's™ No. 1 Light Oil™ is a fine conditioning oil for the coat and skin. It adds a light shine to the coat as it smoothes and softens the hair. It adds a fine layer of oil to dry skin or coat to replenish and make skin and hair healthy again. It detangles manes and tails without leaving them sticky or gummy feeling and allows tough knots to slip out with ease. No. 1 Light Oil™ is used to make shedding out winter coats easy and quick. It also helps in pulling manes if added to the base of the mane. Used for both these purposes, it allows the hair follicle to slip out without irritating the skin. It is perfect for sensitive horses.

How to Use

-No. 1 Light Oil™ is great for accentuating the horse’s facial features. Pour some into your hands to apply to face. Use sparingly until desired gloss is achieved.

-When applied to the face, will make the eyes stand out, the nostrils glisten and the inside of the ears look shiny and clean.

-To accentuate and add shine to the body, pour the No. 1 Light Oil™ into a spray container and spray lightly over the horse for incredible shine.

-Rub a little of the No. 1 Light Oil™ onto your hands and then run your hands gently through your horse’s mane and tail to accentuate and add shine to the hair. Use sparingly to not weigh the hair down.

-No. 1 Light Oil™ sprayed lightly over the horse’s body will add vitality and a healthful gleam to your horse’s dry skin and hair.

-To remove, use Shapley’s™ Hi Shine™ Shampoo as it has been specially formulated to remove oil without stripping the coat.