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Tenda® B-Calm™ 30cc
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Tenda® B-Calm™ 30cc

Tenda® B-Calm™ 30cc

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Tenda® B-Calm™ is specially formulated for any equine athlete to assist in managing the situational stress associated with a competitive environment. Around the barn, in the show ring, trailering, trail riding, and on the track the very palatable Tenda® B-Calm™ paste utilizes the essential amino acid L-Tryptophan to aide every horse in maintaining focus to achieve their optimum performance.

How to Use

Administer 1-30 cc tube 4-6 hours prior to the event. If required, 1-30 cc tube may be administered the night before the event. Do not exceed 2-30 cc tubes in a 24-hour period.