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Tenda® Ichthammol Salve 20% 16 oz.
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Tenda® Ichthammol Salve 20% 16 oz.

Tenda® Ichthammol Salve 20% 16 oz.

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Don't be fooled by cheap Chinese imitations, Tenda® brand Ichthammol is a high quality ammonium salt of dark sulfonated shale oil which is procured from an Austrian mine. Ichthammol 20% is a multi-purpose product that can aid in the strengthening of weak or brittle hooves and is commonly used as an emollient drawing agent to aid in both the removal and healing of infections such as hoof abscess. Ichthammol 20% has mild antiseptic properties that provide the ideal environment for healing some equine skin conditions.

How to Use

Thoroughly clean the affected area with a mild cleanser, rinse thoroughly, and dry with a clean towel prior to applying liberally to the affected area with protective gloves. Do not use in or around the eyes. If excessive irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult a veterinarian. Wash hands and exposed skin after application.