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Tenda® Neck Sweat 32 oz.
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Tenda® Neck Sweat 32 oz.

Tenda® Neck Sweat 32 oz.

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Tenda® Neck Sweat is a non blistering, non-greasy and odorless gel specially formulated for all horses. When used in conjunction with an equine neoprene neck sweat or neck wrap, Neck Sweat will provide that finishing touch needed to win first place in any show arena. May also be used under wrap a leg sweat and tightener. It will provide the desired effect for any competitive horse. This convenient gel will not blister under wrap.

How to Use

Thoroughly clean and dry effected area. Apply liberally with gentle massage, but do not rub excessively. Place a neoprene neck sweat on the horse. When sweating is complete remove neoprene neck sweat and wash neck with cold water.