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Texas Haynet Round Bale Hay Net
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  • Texas Haynet Round Bale Hay Net
  • Texas Haynet Round Bale Hay Net
Texas Haynet Round Bale Hay Net

Texas Haynet Round Bale Hay Net

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Eliminate hay waste and improve digestion with the Texas Haynet Round Bale Net. This American-made round bale hay net has 1.75” holes, is made of knotted nylon mesh, and weighs a little over 8lbs making it lightweight and easy to use. Texas Haynet can you save money by helping you achieve zero waste and reducing the total number of bales you feed. In addition, the net can help you prevent serious health problems such as colic and ulcers, calm food aggression, reduce herd stress, alleviate boredom and unwanted behaviors. Ideal for horses, cattle, goats, sheep, llama, alpaca and other livestock.

• 8 lbs.
• 1.75” holes
• Knotted nylon
• Fits round bales 4x4-6x6’ and square bales 3x3x9-3x4x8’
• For shod animals we strongly recommend using a feeder (like a hay ring) with a solid barrier between the hoof and the net to prevent shoes from coming in contact with the mesh. Use caution with ear tags and horns.


Texas Haynet