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Tubbease Hoof Sock
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Tubbease Hoof Sock

Tubbease Hoof Sock

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A multi-purpose hoof aid, the Tubbease sock "breathes" to prevent the damaged hoof from going soft during treatment. Various remedies can be used under the sock for ailments such as abscess, thrush, seedy toe, thin sole, injuries, cracks and general deterioration. Washable and reusable.

Optional EVA sole pad insert can be used to relieve pain for the horse and extend the life of the Tubbease. (Item #3761 Tubbease Sole Insert)

Size/Color Measurements:
-Small/Pink - 110mm maximum internal diameter (approx. 4.25")
-Medium/Red - 140mm maximum internal diameter (approx. 5.5")
-Large/Blue - 155mm maximum internal diameter (approx. 6")
-Extra Large/Orange - 165mm maximum internal diameter (approx. 6.5")

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Tubbease Sole Insert
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